Thursday, August 29, 2013

In the West Bank, the IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron and 1 village nr. Nablus at night, and patrols in Tulkarm and 1 nearby village at night. In East Jerusalem, around 70 Jewish extremists accompanied by 40 mbrs. of the security forces enter the al-Aqsa compound, including the Dome of the Rock and the old mosque of al-Aqsa. (MNA 8/29; PCHR 9/5)

U.S. pres. Obama’s push for military action against Syria suffers a significant blow as the British Parliament votes against participation with a 285-272 vote that saw many Conservative MPs voting with the Labor opposition. Following the defeat, PM David Cameron acknowledges that Britain will now not take part in any attack on Syria. Meanwhile, Syria’s Pres. Asad vows that his country “will defend itself” against any military strikes, and Iran’s army chief of staff Gen. Hassa Firouzabadi tells the media that any attack on Syria “will drive the Zionists to the edge of fire.” (AFP, AP, Guardian, REU 8/29)

The Egyptian army kills 2 and detains 16 nr. al-Arish in what security sources describe as a targeted attack on “terrorist” outposts. (MNA 8/29)

The IAEA reports that Iran has prepared more than 1,000 advanced uranium enriching machines for start-up, but also says that Tehran has pushed back the time frame for a new reactor to come online. (AP 8/29)