Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In the Gaza Strip, IDF troops open fire on open land nr. Bayt Hanun, causing no damage or injuries. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in 2 villages nr. Hebron and 1 village each nr. Bethlehem, Jericho and Nablus at night; patrols in 1 village each nr. Hebron and Nablus in the morning, and in Tulkarm, Jenin (clashes, 1 injury) and 2 nearby villages at night and 1 village nr. Jericho. (PCHR 10/10)

Hamas chief Khalid Mish‘al meets Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara to discuss national reconciliation and the general situation in the Gaza Strip, with no public statement from either men forthcoming. (MNA 10/8)

Gunmen shoot and kill 1 Egyptian soldier in Port Said, while Egyptian security forces raid Shaykh Zuweid and al-Arish, detaining dozens. (MNA 10/8)