Friday, November 1, 2013

In the Gaza Strip, the Popular Resistance Cmte. and PFLP claim responsibility for several rockets and mortar shells fired into s. Israel and at Israeli military positions nr. Khan Yunis. However, the Israeli army says that no rockets landed in Israeli territory. In the West Bank, the IDF patrols in 1 village nr. Hebron in the afternoon and 1 village nr. Hebron at night. IDF troops violently disperse Palestinian, Israeli, and international protesters at weekly demonstrations against Israel’s separation wall, settlements, and occupation in 3 villages nr. Ramallah (Bil‘in, Nabi Salih, and Ni‘lin), 1 village nr. Qalqilya (Kafr Qaddum), and 1 village nr. Bethlehem (al-Ma‘sara). There are no serious injuries, except in Bil‘in (3 injured with live ammunition) and Nabi Salih (1 injured with a rubber-coated metal bullet). In East Jerusalem, municipal officials and security forces distribute demolishing orders for dozens of apartments in Ras Khamis and Ras Shahada. At the entrance to Shu‘fat r.c., protests by Palestinians against demolitions are violently dispersed by IDF troops. (MNA 11/1; PCHR 11/7)

The Gaza Strip’s sole power plant shuts its generators due to fuel shortage, meaning that Palestinians could experience 12 hours of daily blackouts. Fuel supplies have diminished following an Egyptian crackdown on smuggling tunnels, and the inability of the authorities in Gaza to pay for PA-delivered fuel with an imposed tax, according to chair of the Gaza Energy Authority, Fathy Asheik-Khalil. The plant produces up to 65 megawatts, while Israel supplies the Gaza Strip with a further 120 and Egypt with 27. (MNA, REU 11/1)

Unnamed Israeli officials cited by Israeli media express anger at the White House for confirming that it was the IAF which attacked a Syrian military base nr. Latakia. The Israeli govt. typically refrains from officially acknowledging responsibility for such attacks. However, M Gilad Erdan tells the media that Israel will not allow advanced weapons to be transferred to Hizballah. (REU, ToI 11/1)

Thousands of pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters march in the streets in Cairo ahead of the anticipated trial of ousted pres. Morsi. In Alexandria, police break up clashes between pro- and anti-Brotherhood protesters. (AP 11/1)