Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Israeli official announces that PM Netanyahu will visit Europe before the end of the year in order to try to persuade leaders to toughen sanctions against Iran. (AP, NYT 10/2; MNA, OCHA 10/5)

Hamas authorities in Gaza demolish 12 residential structures nr. Umm Nasir village on the grounds that the land is ‘‘state land,’’ displacing 60 residents and sparking clashes between police and residents that leave 2 children and 1 woman injured. IDF troops on the n. Gaza border open fire on Palestinians scavenging for construction materials nr. the border fence northwest of Bayt Hanun; no injuries are reported. In the West Bank, the IDF patrols in 2 villages nr. Hebron at night; raids a home nr. Hebron in the morning, detaining residents on the 1st floor and using the roof as a military observation point; conducts arrest raids and house searches in 1 village nr. Nablus and 2 villages nr. Hebron. Over 100 Israelis marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot enter the al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem, protected by Israeli security forces, sparking confrontations with Palestinian worshippers; no serious injuries are reported. Jewish settlers vandalize/spray graffiti on a Jerusalem monastery. (PCHR 10/4; MNA, OCHA 10/5)