Saturday, December 3, 2011

IDF troops on the s. Gaza border fire warning shots at Palestinians who enter the demolished Dahaniyya airport site outside of Rafah, forcing them to flee. Israeli naval vessels fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the Gaza coast w. of Rafah in the south and w. of Bayt Lahiya in the north, forcing them to return to shore. In the West Bank, the IDF patrols in 2 villages each nr. Jenin and Ramallah in the morning and 2 villages nr. Qalqilya and 1 nr. Jenin late at night. The IDF also removes mobile homes placed by Jewish settlers nr. Itamar settlement nr. Nablus; soon after, Jewish settlers fr. nearby Elon Moreh settlement retaliate by kidnapping and beating a 63-yr.-old Palestinian man working his land nearby, releasing him after 2 hrs. In a separate retaliatory attack, Jewish settlers beat a Palestinian shepherd nr. Itamar and kill 4 of his sheep. Palestinians and international activists in Khirbat Susia nr. Hebron protest recent IDF attacks on residents; the IDF fires tear gas and stun grenades to disperse them; 4 Palestinians and 1 Danish activist are lightly injured, and 1 Palestinian is arrested for trying to raise a Palestinian flag. (PCHR 12/8; OCHA 12/9)