Thursday, November 3, 2011

IDF troops make a brief incursion into n. Gaza nr. Bayt Lahiya for unknown reasons and are engaged by a Hamas border patrol unit, causing no initial casualties; the IDF troops call in artillery fire, directing at least 4 shells at the surrounding area (forcing local farmers to flee, injuring 2 civilians, and damaging a civilian vehicle), and deploy drones and helicopters to chase and fire missiles at Hamas mbrs., firing at least 3 missiles that kill 2 IQB mbrs. and cause some collateral damage. In the West Bank, the IDF takes down several electricity poles supplying bedouin encampments nr. Havat Maon unauthorized settlement outpost nr. Hebron, stating that no permit was obtained to expand electricity services; patrols in Tulkarm in the morning and 1 village nr. Ramallah late at night. (PCHR 11/17; OCHA 11/18)