Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Palestinians fire 2 rockets fr. Gaza towards Ashkelon, damaging a building; in response, IDF artillery shells n. Gaza, hitting an apartment building, causing damage but no injuries; the IDF closes the Sufa commercial crossing into Gaza for the day. The IDF demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in and just southeast of Jerusalem; conducts arrest raids nr. Bethlehem, Qalqilya and in Askar r.c., Bayt Jala, Qabatya (occupying 2 homes as observation posts), Tulkarm. Nr. al-Arub r.c., IDF soldiers stop and search a Palestinian school bus; when a student on the bus allegedly opens a window without permission, a soldier shoots him in the face, seriously wounding him. Jewish settlers fr. Elon Moreh nr. Nablus vandalize Palestinian homes in nearby Bayt Furik; the IDF intervenes, removes the settlers. AMB Nablus cmdr. Nasir Abu Aziz says the Nablus faction will take steps to foil the success of the Hamas-led government, saying “we would continue opening fire until they [Hamas] fail in their cabinet as they foiled Fatah.” (IMEMC, XIN 2/14; HA, PCHR 2/16)