Monday, August 29, 2005

The IDF completes demolition of empty settler homes in Ganim, Qadim; informs the PA that the 4 evacuated West Bank settlement sites will remain classified as area C (under full Israeli control). The AMB, Islamic Jihad claim joint responsibility for the 8/28 suicide bombing. A Palestinian gunman fatally shoots an IDF soldier nr. the evacuated Morag settlement. The IDF imposes a day-long curfew on, patrols in Fasayil nr. Jericho; conducts house searches in villages around Jenin, nr. Tulkarm. (JAZ 8/29; PR 8/31; PCHR 9/1)

An Israeli interministerial comm. decides that the Israeli Palestinian victims of the 8/4/05 suicide attack by an AWOL IDF soldier in Shafa ‘Amr will receive a lumpsum compensation payment fr. the state but will not be recognized as “terror victims,” who receive a lifetime monthly government stipend. Israeli law only recognizes as “terror victims” those who were killed by “enemy forces.” (HA 8/30; Guardian 9/1; HA, MEI 9/2; NYT 10/24)