Thursday, March 27, 2003

After a wk.-long lull in violence accompanying the start of war on Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian violence picks up. The IDF raids Bayt Hanun, fires missiles at a PSF post, killing 2 PSF officers, wounding 3 bystanders; fires on, wounds a Palestinian woman tending a garden in Wadi al-Silqa; fires on residential areas of Khan Yunis; demolishes a Palestinian home outside Khan Yunis; conducts arrest raids in Jenin r.c. (targeting Islamic Jihad). Palestinians fire 2 Qassam rockets at Sederot, causing no damage or injuries. (AFP, HA 3/27; XIN 3/27 in WNC 3/28; LAW, MM, NYT 3/28; AYM 3/28 in WNC 3/31; PR 4/2; PCHR 4/3)