Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The IDF fatally shoots 1 Palestinian biking too closed to Gush Katif settlement. Nr. Shaykh Ajlin in Gaza, the IDF conducts an "intensive operation" to halt arms smuggling after seeing suspicious barrels in the sea; the DMin. later says the barrels contained refrigerators. Late in the evening, the IDF fires 2 shells at bedouin encampment in Shaykh Ajlin, killing 4 Palestinians, injuring 8, prevents ambulances fr. reaching the wounded for 40 mins. The IDF also fires on residential areas of Jenin r.c., killing 1 Palestinian inside his home. In the compound of the Beit El municipal court, 5 Israeli border policemen seriously beat 2 Palestinians, stopping only when they realize the prisoners families, lawyers, IDF soldiers have arrived; 1 Palestinian requires hospitalization. Jewish settlers establish 4 new settlement outposts (1 nr. Elon Moreh, 2 nr. Har Bracha, 1 nr. Itamar). Late in the evening, Palestinians fire 5 mortars at an IDF post, a Jewish settlement in Gaza, causing no damage. (AP, MM, PCHR 8/28; HA, NYT, PM, WP, WT 8/29; BBC, MM 8/30; Peace Now press release 9/2; MEI 9/13)

Citing the alleged arms smuggling operation today and the mortar fire on 8/27, Ben-Eliezer indefinitely postpones a mtg. with Yahya set for today to discuss the stalled Gaza First proposal; says the PA must first assert security control in the Strip before the IDF would redeploy. (AP, MM 8/28; MM, NYT, WP 8/29)