Monday, December 18, 2000

At Bolling Air Force Base (AFB) in Washington, the U.S. peace team hold separate preliminary mtgs. with the Israeli, the PA teams. (HA, JP, MM 12/18; AYM 12/18 in WNC 12/20; WT 12/19; AYM 12/19 in WNC 12/26; NYT, WP, WT 12/20; WJW 12/21; MEI 12/22)

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 2 Palestinian dead. In Tulkarm, a senior Fatah mbr. is found stabbed to death in what the PA alleges to be another Israeli assassination. In Gaza, a top PSF officer is killed when he attempts to defuse an unexploded IDF shell. In Nablus, Jewish settlers open fire on a Palestinian high school, wounding 2 pupils. The IDF shells residential areas of Bayt Lahia, al-Bireh, Khan Yunis, Rafah; destroys a water network, 2 PSF posts nr. Bayt Lahia; bulldozes 25 dunams of Palestinian land in the Netzarim area. (LAW, PCHR 12/18; MENA 12/18 in WNC 12/20; LAW, NYT 12/19; MEI 12/22)

Israel suspends plans to allow 13,000 Palestinians into Israel to work, since only a handful of Palestinian requested permits. (MA 12/25 in WNC 12/27; MM 1/5) (see 12/14)

A UNSC res. calling for the deployment of 2,000 unarmed UN observers in the West Bank, Gaza fails to get the 9 votes needed to pass. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/19; MM 12/20; al-Ra'i 12/20 in WNC 12/26; WJW 12/21)