Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Photographs of President William Jefferson Clinton meeting with foreign policy staff during the Israeli/Palestinian Summit (Camp David Summit).

Camp David, 19 July 2000
Credits: Photographs of the White House Photograph Office (Clinton Administration) / White House / National Archives

At Camp David, Arafat passes a letter to Clinton saying he sees no reason to continue talks, since Barak has adopted a take-it-or-leave-it position regarding U.S. proposals on Jerusalem. After a final set of 1-on-1 mtgs. with Arafat and Barak, Clinton declares an end to the Camp David summit. The U.S., Israel, the PA issue a 5-point statement of negotiating principles, express hope that a deal may still be reached by 9/13. In announcing the failure of the summit, Clinton essentially lays the blame on Arafat, stating that Barak showed more flexibility. (Interfax, MENA 7/25 in WNC 7/26; MENA, XIN 7/25, ABC [Madrid], ATL, Interfax, IRNA, ITAR-TASS, MA, MENA, al-Quds, SA 7/26 in WNC 7/27; MM, NYT, PR [Internet], WP, WT 7/26; AYM, DUS 7/26, Le Monde, SA, TT 7/27 in WNC 7/28; Arab News [Jeddah] 7/26, JT 7/30 in WNC 7/31; HA [Internet], NYT, WJW 7/27; AYM 7/28 in WNC 8/2; MIL 7/28 in WNC 8/3; NYT 7/29; WP 7/30)

UN Secy.-Gen. Annan suspends the UNIFIL deployment in light of new Israeli violations of the blue line. (XIN 7/25 in WNC 7/27; WP 7/26; MEI 7/28)

The London-based daily al-Hayat reports that Syrian pres. Bashar al-Asad recently received fmr. chief of staff Shihabi on his return fr. medical treatment in the U.S., suggesting anticorruption charges against him have been dropped. (MM 7/25; SA 7/30 in WNC 7/31) (see 6/6)

Jewish settlers level 25 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Qalqilya. (LAW 8/10)