Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Israeli cabinet approves plan for 2d stage of Wye II FRD. (MM, NYT 11/11)

In Beirut, Syrian heir apparent Bashar al-Asad, Lebanese pres. Lahoud reaffirm the unity of the Syrian and Lebanese tracks of the peace process, discuss resuming ties with Israel. (MM 11/11; RL 11/11 in WNC 11/12)

In Cairo, PSF West Bank head Jibril Rajub briefs Egyptian FM Musa on PA security concerns in the occupied territories. (MENA 11/10 in WNC 11/12)

Before dawn, the IDF moves into Havat Maon, forcibly evicts settlers fr. the enclave. (MM 11/10; MM, NYT, WT 11/11; CSM, MM 11/12; WJW 11/18)

First Lady Hillary Clinton arrives in Israel on a 2-day visit intended to boost her chances of winning a Senate seat in New York. (NYT, WP 11/12)

In s. Lebanon, an SLA soldier is wounded in a clash with Amal. (RL 11/10 in WNC 11/12)