Wednesday, June 16, 1999

PA summons Palestinian construction workers to police stations, orders them to quit their jobs in Jewish settlements in Gaza to block the enclaves' expansion. (NYT 6/17; JP 6/25; NYT 7/2)

DFLP, Fatah, FIDA, PFLP, PPP, PSF issue statement calling on the PA to implement the NGO law that was approved by the PC over a yr. ago, urging Palestinians to recognize the role of NGOs in combatting occupation and bolstering democracy. (AYM 6/17 in WNC 6/21) (see 6/8, 6/14)

In Amman, Jordanian-Tunisian Higher Comm. ends 5 days of talks on bilateral relations, regional issues. Comm. issues final statement calling for a greater Arab free trade zone, urging Israel to resume negotiations on all tracks quickly. (Petra-JNA 6/16 in WNC 6/17)

U.S. supports for the 1st time a British-Dutch proposal for partial suspension of sanctions against Iraq. China, France, Russia remain opposed, preferring removal of sanctions. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/17; WT 6/18)