Friday, June 18, 1999

Pres. Clinton waives the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act requiring the State Dept. to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel fr. Tel Aviv. If Clinton had not acted, the State Dept. would have forfeited about $500 m. in current funding for security, improvements at other embs. around the world. (WP, WT 6/19; RJ 6/19 in WNC 6/21; MM 6/21; JT 6/21 in WNC 6/22; MEI 7/2)

PM-elect Barak says that he will move quickly to construct the s. safe-passage route linking Gaza, West Bank. (MM 6/18; NYT, WP, WT 6/19; MM 6/21; AYM 6/23 in WNC 6/28; JP 6/25; MEI 7/2)

Mtg. in Cologne, the G-8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, U.S.) decides against forgiving Jordan's debt, moves instead to forgive debt of the 33 poorest debtor nations. (NYT, WP 6/19; MM 6/25)

Iraq rejects the British-Dutch proposal, presented to the UN on 6/16, to ease sanctions in exchange for a new weapons inspection regime. (MM 6/18; NYT, WP 6/19; MM 6/22, 6/24, 6/25)