Monday, March 22, 1999

In Paris, Arafat discusses statehood issue with French pres. Jacques Chirac. (AFP, LCI Television 3/22 in WNC 3/23; NYT 3/23)

Israel, Russia set up joint control body to supervise exports of sensitive Russian military technology to Iran. Russia hopes Israel, the PA will extend the interim period beyond 5/4. (MM 3/22; Interfax, ITAR-TASS 3/22 in WNC 3/23; Interfax 3/23 in WNC 3/24; WT 3/24; MM 3/25; Zerkalo Nedeli [Kiev] 3/27 in WNC 4/7)

Terry Anderson, the American journalist held hostage in Lebanon by Hizballah for more than 6 yrs., sues Iran for $100 m., claiming Tehran played a role in his imprisonment. Hizballah denies it kidnapped Anderson. (NYT, WP 3/23; WT 3/24; MM 4/9) (see 3/11/98, 8/27/98)