Monday, April 26, 1999

PC adopts (41-1, with 2 abstentions) a nonbinding resolution leaving the door open for continued negotiations with Israel, not mentioning possible declaration of state. (AP [Internet] 4/26)

Pres. Clinton sends letter to Arafat, expression support for Palestinians right to self-determination; appealing to Israel, the PA to renew peace talks swiftly after Israeli elections 5/17, conclude negotiations in 1 yr.. (MM 4/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/27; JT 4/27 in WNC 4/28; YA 4/28 in WNC 4/29; MM, WJW 4/29; PR 4/30; MM 5/5; WT 5/6; MEI 5/7)

Israel orders 3 PLO offices operating out of Orient House in East Jerusalem to close within 24 hrs. or file a court appeal. (MM 4/26; WP 4/27; MM 4/28; PR 4/30) (see 4/22)

Jordan, Syria announce formation of 2 comms. to discuss border crossing procedures, ownership of land along their common border. (RJ 4/26 in WNC 4/27; Petra-JNA 4/28 in WNC 4/29)

Israeli FM Sharon meets with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. (WP, WT 4/27)