Sunday, December 13, 1998

In Israel, Pres. Clinton urges continued implementation of Wye accord, notes progress on both sides. U.S. special envoy Ross tells PM Netanyahu that Israel must recognize that the Palestinians are entitled to aspirations to statehood. Secy. Albright asks Israeli FM Sharon to find a "creative" way to make sure that the 2d stage of FRD takes place 12/18 as called for, but he says he cannot help. (MM, NYT, WP 12/14; PR 12/18)

In Jerusalem, Clinton's senior advisers on Iraq (including CIA, Defense Dept. heads) hold teleconference with White House officials. After mtg. Secy. Albright, Defense Secy. William Cohen brief the pres. on the group's unanimous recommendation to strike Iraq. (MM 12/18; WP 12/20; MEI 12/25) (see 12/10, 12/11)

In Cairo, Egyptian, Jordanian FMs discuss final status talks, their need to coordinate with the PA on all future steps related to the peace process. (MENA, RE 12/14 in WNC 12/15)

PSF arrests Islamic Jihad leader Abdallah Shami on incitement charges for statements to the press that he would not hesitate to kill Pres. Clinton. (WT 1/23)