Thursday, January 14, 1999

King Hussein meets with British PM Blair in London, says that he will return to Jordan on 1/19. (JTV 1/14 in WNC 1/20)

Israeli DM Mordechai, PA negotiator Abbas discuss keeping security contacts open despite the freeze in the peace process. (AFP [Internet] 1/16)

After convening 1/13 to continue consideration (begun in 1/97) of 6 petitions questioning the legality of interrogation methods used by Israeli security services, which human rights groups consider torture, the Israeli High Court adjourns without a ruling, date for continuation. Shin Bet of its own accord says it will soon change some of its methods to "make it easier" on those being interrogated, including introducing "more airy" bags to be put over suspects heads, "more comfortable" handcuffs. (YA 1/14 in WNC 1/16, 1/20; LAW 1/16; NYT 1/25)

An Israeli border policeman working undercover is killed, another is injured, 1 Palestinian is wounded in a shootout nr. Hebron. (MM 1/14; WP 1/15; JP 1/22)

U.S. attacks 2 more Iraqi missile batteries in the n. no-fly zone as daily challenges continue. (WP 1/15) (see 1/13)