Tuesday, February 9, 1999

UN General Assembly passes a nonbinding resolution calling for an international conference of the signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention to examine Israel's "persistent violations" of the convention by building settlements. (WT 2/10; MM 2/11; al-Quds 2/12 in WNC 2/17; WJW 2/18)

PM Netanyahu wins the Likud primaries. FM Sharon, who hoped to capture the 2d spot on the party ticket, finishes 8th. Science M Silvan Shalom comes in 2d. (MM 2/9; NYT 2/10)

Jewish settlers moves into fmr. IDF outpost in Nimrod, Golan Heights, hoping to start a new settlement there. IDF confirms land was transferred to civilian use. (MM 2/9; WP 2/10)