Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Turkey's national security council discusses accusations that Syria is aiding the PKK; considers imposing diplomatic, economic sanctions on Syria. (WT 9/30; MIL, Zaman 10/1 in WNC 10/6; NYT 10/4) (see 9/1)

In Hebron, an unidentified Palestinian throws 2 grenades at an IDF post, wounding 13 soldiers, 11 Palestinians, 1 Israeli border policeman. IDF shoots, wounds the attacker, who flees into PA-controlled territory. IDF reimposes curfew on Palestinian residents in Israeli-controlled area of the city. (ITV 9/30 in WNC 10/2; LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/1; CSM 10/2; WJW 10/8; PR 10/9; JP 10/10)

In Biddu, West Bank, 100s of Palestinians clash with IDF troops after the funeral of the alleged Hamas mbr. killed 9/29. 6 Palestinians are injured. (MM, WP 10/1)

Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports that the El Al cargo plane that crashed in Amsterdam in 1992 was carrying 3 of the 4 chemicals used to make sarin nerve gas, including 50 gallons of dimethyl methylpohsphonate (DMMP). According to the plane's cargo manifest, the chemicals were sent fr. a U.S. factory in Pennsylvania to the top secret Israeli Institute for Biological Research. (ITV 9/30 in WNC 10/2; MM, WT 10/1; NRC Handelsblad 10/3 in WNC 10/6; WT 10/7; JP 10/10; Sunday Times [London] 10/4; MEI 10/16)