Monday, October 19, 1998

A Palestinian throws 2 grenades at a bus stop in Beersheba, Israel, injuring 64 Israeli civilians, soldiers, 3 of them seriously. Salim Rajab al-Sarsur, an alleged Hamas mbr. fr. PA-controlled Hebron, is detained by Israeli police. (MM 10/19; AFP, IDF Radio, MENA 10/19 in WNC 10/20; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/20; al-Dustur, IDF Radio, MA, SA, SANA, YA 10/20 in WNC 10/21; JTV 10/20 in WNC 10/22; WJW 10/22; JP 10/29; MEI 10/30)

At Wye, PM Netanyahu suspends all but security talks in light of Beersheba attack. Pres. Clinton cancels fund-raising trips for 10/20+n21, returns to Wye. Jordan's King Hussein flies fr. the Mayo Clinic to the airport nr. Wye, confers with Secy. Albright by phone, but does not join talks. Israeli pres. Weizman, Egyptian pres. Mubarak are also on standby. Syrian pres. Asad phones Mubarak to discuss Wye mtgs. (JTV 10/19 in WNC 10/20; MENA, SATN 10/19, al-Ahram, al-Dustur, HA, JTV, YA 10/20 in WNC 10/21; NYT, WP, WT 10/20; ITV 10/20 in WNC 10/22; WT 10/21; PR 10/23; MM 10/30; MM 11/10)

Turkey, Syria open security talks in Adana. (MM 10/19; ATL 10/19 in WNC 10/20; ATL, MIL 10/20 in WNC 10/21) (see 10/15)