Monday, March 16, 1998

Knesset Foreign Affairs Comm. debates proposals for a withdrawal fr. s. Lebanon. (MM 3/16; IDF Radio 3/16 in WNC 3/17; WP 3/17)

UK FM and EU Chmn. Robin Cook arrives in Egypt, the 1st stop on a 3-day Middle East tour; then heads to Jordan. (JTV, LPA, MENA 3/16 in WNC 3/17; JTV, MENA 3/16, RE 3/17 in WNC 3/19; NYT, WT 3/17; PR 3/20)

Under pressure fr. settlers groups, right-wing MKs, PM Netanyahu orders Israeli FMin. to amend press release that termed the 3/13 Hebron incident a provocation by Jewish settlers to say that the settlers' entry into the PA sector was prompted by a Palestinian shooting in a nearby neighborhood. (ITV 3/16 in WNC 3/17)

PA's West Bank Preventive Security Force (PSF) head Col. Jibril Rajub that if settlers reenter the Palestinian sector of Hebron again to attack Palestinians, they will "not leave alive." (ITV 3/16 in WNC 3/17; CSM, NYT, WP 3/17; JP 3/28) (see 3/14)

Vatican "repents" for failing to prevent, halt the Holocaust. Jewish leaders (including Israel's chief rabbi; heads of the American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League) criticize statement as "too little too late." (NYT, WP, WT 3/17; WJW 3/19; MM 3/20; NYT 3/27; JP 3/28; NYT Magazine 4/26)