Thursday, April 16, 1998

In Elat, Israel's PM Netanyahu, Jordan's King Hussein hold surprise talks on the stalled peace process, bilateral relations. (ITV, JTV 4/16 in WNC 4/17; NYT, WP 4/17; al-Ra'i 4/17 in WNC 4/20; RJ 4/17, JT 4/18; VOA 4/20 in WNC 4/21; JT 4/21 in WNC 4/23; MEI 4/24; SA 4/26 in WNC 5/1)

In Damascus, Lebanese PM Hariri, FM Buwayz, Syrian VP Khaddam, FM Shara` prepare joint position paper on Israel's conditional withdrawal scenario. (RL, SATN 4/17 in WNC 4/20; RL, SA 4/18 in WNC 4/21; MEI 4/24)

Vatican FM Archbishop Jean Louis Tauran rules out visit to Israel by Pope in nr. future, saying it would be "unthinkable . . . because it would be seen to sanction international situations of injustice." (La Repubblica [Rome] 4/17 in WNC 4/20) (see 3/16)

Roadside bomb explodes in s. Lebanon, killing an SLA mbr. (VOL 4/16 in WNC 4/17)