Sunday, June 8, 1997

In Cairo, Israeli cabinet secy. Dani Nave, PA Local Government M Erakat discuss ways of resuming talks, make no headway. Israel refused to convene the talks until the PA denied reports by a Palestinian official, Israeli television that Israel had agreed to temporarily halt settlement construction in the West Bank, Gaza, and at Har Homa. After mtg., Arafat flies to Amman to discuss new initiatives with King Hussein. Follow-up mtg. is scheduled for 6/12 (WT 6/8; JTV 6/8 in WNC 6/10; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/9; JTV 6/9 in WNC 6/11; MM 6/10; MEI, PR 6/13; JP 6/21)

Low-level Jordanian ministerial delegation concludes 4-day visit to Washington for talks on the PA-Israeli talks. The delegation, headed by Dep. PM for Development Affairs Jawad al-Anani, met with National Security Adviser Samuel Berger, Secy. of State Albright, U.S. special envoy Ross. (JTV 6/8 in WNC 6/10)

UN Fifth Comm., which handles UN General Assembly (UNGA) budget matters, votes (58-2, with 52 abstentions) that Israel should reimburse the UN for $1.7 m. for expenses associated with the 1996 attack on its peacekeeping base in Qana, s. Lebanon (see 4/18/96). The U.S., Israel vote against. (WT 6/9; al-Riyad [Riyadh] 6/9 in WNC 6/18; al-Nahar 6/10, RL 6/11 in WNC 6/12; RL 6/11, VOL 6/12 in WNC 6/13; MEI 6/13)

Arafat appoints a team of officials, headed by his secy. Tayyib `Abd al-Rahim, to investigate the 5/24 GCO corruption report. (MEI 6/13)

In Baghdad, a Syrian Chamber of Commerce delegation signs $20 m. worth of commercial contracts with Iraq--the 1st since Syria, Iraq broke off relations in 1980s. A Lebanese business delegation is also in Baghdad to discuss holding an industrial exhibition there in 9/97. (MM 6/9; VOL 6/10 in WNC 6/11) (see 6/2)

King Hussein swears in fmr. information M, Marwan Mu`asher, as Jordanian amb. to the U.S. (JT 6/8 in WNC 6/10)

Survivors of the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty hold a memorial service at Arlington Cemetery. Liberty skipper Capt. William McGonagle calls on Israel, the U.S. to release details of the assault, which killed 34, wounded 171 Americans; says he believes the attack was a result of "gross incompetence and aggravated dereliction of duty on the part of many officers and men of . . . Israel." (WT 6/9)

ILMG blames Israel/SLA for the death of 1 Lebanese civilian, wounding of 2 others 6/4; blames unnamed Lebanese rebels for death of SLA mbr the same day; warns all parties to adhere to the 4/96 understanding. (Radio Free Lebanon 6/9 in WNC 6/13; al-Safir 6/10 in WNC 6/12)