Thursday, January 14, 2016

IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian close to the Bayt ‘Aynun junction nr. Hebron after he allegedly attempts to stab one of them, and the Palestinian Red Crescent reports that Israeli forces prevented medics from treating the man. The incident sparks brief clashes between the IDF and stone-throwers; there are no injuries. Separately, IDF troops shoot and kill a 2d Palestinian at a checkpoint nr. Nablus after he stabs and lightly injures an Israeli officer. Meanwhile, Israeli forces demolish 4 greenhouses and a water well in the Jordan Valley, a home under construction in a village nr. Hebron, and 2 livestock structures outside al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron. The IDF conducts house searches and raids in 1 village each nr. Salfit and Bethlehem, arresting 1 Palestinian and issuing an arrest summons to 1; patrols in Jenin and 1 village each nr. Tulkarm, Qalqilya, and Salfit, as well as 5 nr. Hebron. Along Gaza’s border, Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion to level land nr. Bayt Lahiya. The Israeli authorities shut down the Kerem Shalom border crossing temporarily due to an escalation of violence in the n. Sinai (the Egyptian army kills 30 fighters with SPIS and other armed groups in operations today nr. Rafah, Shaykh Zuwayd, and al-Arish). Off Gaza’s coast, Israeli naval forces arrest 2 Palestinian fishermen working nr. Bayt Lahiya and confiscate their boat. In East Jerusalem, Israeli police violently disperse an educational event allegedly organized by the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement (Israel banned the Northern Branch on 11/16); 1 Palestinian is arrested and there are no serious injuries. Israeli forces also assault 1 Palestinian and arrest another on raids in Silwan. (AHR, HA, JP, MNA, TOI, WAFA 1/14; JP, MNA 1/15; PCHR 1/21)