Wednesday, April 9, 1997

After the funeral in Hebron of 1 of the 3 men killed 4/8, 1,000s of Palestinians throw stones and molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers, who firing rubber bullets, tear gas at protesters, injuring 31. PA police form cordons, block streets with trucks, man rooftops to prevent riot fr. spreading. 3 IDF soldiers, 2 PA policemen are also injured. (MM 4/9; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 4/10; PR 4/11)

Israeli officials release on bail the 2 yeshiva students who shot, killed a Palestinian man 4/8. PA Local Government M Erakat accuses Netanyahu of giving "the green light to settler terrorism." (WT 4/10)

Birzeit University holds student council elections. Fatah wins 22 of 51 seats; Hamas wins 20 seats, PFLP-Palestine People's Party lists wins 8 seats; Islamic Jihad wins 1 seat. (MEI, PR 4/18; JP 4/19)

Iraq defies the southern U.S. no-fly zone by transporting a planeload of elderly pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj. (RMC 4/9 in WNC 4/10; MM 4/14; WT 4/23; MEI 5/2)

Israel, Hungary sign anticrime cooperation agmt. (MTI (Budapest) 4/9 in WNC 4/10; Kossuth Radio [Budapest] 4/9 in WNC 4/11)

2 SLA mbrs. are wounded in an explosion in s. Lebanon. (RL 4/9 in WNC 4/10)