Wednesday, April 16, 1997

Israeli police formally call for PM Netanyahu's indictment on charges of "fraud and breach of trust" in connection with the Bar-On affair. Israeli state atty. Edna Arbel, atty. gen. Elyakim Rubinstein must now decide whether to file the charges. Labor leader Peres urges Netanyahu to step down, call new elections. (MM 4/16; IDF Radio, ITV 4/16, IDF Radio, MA, YA 4/17 in WNC 4/18; ITV 4/16 in WNC 4/29; MM, NYT, WP, WP 4/17; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/18; WT 4/19; WP 4/20; MEI 5/2) (see 4/15)

U.S. special envoy Ross meets with PM Netanyahu, who rejects his suggestion that Israel make gestures toward the Palestinians to regain their confidence, demands PA show proof it is fighting "terrorism." (NYT, WT 4/17; IDF Radio 4/18 in WNC 4/21)

On the 1st leg of his regional tour, Russian dep. FM Posuvalyuk meets with Lebanese PM Hariri in Beirut, discusses the peace process. (RL 4/16 in WNC 4/17)

Israel reseals the West Bank after warning of possible Palestinian attack. (WT 4/16)

IDF demolishes home of a relative of suicide bomber Ghanimat in Surif, leaving 12 people homeless. (WP 4/17; LAW 5/6) (see 3/31)

Death toll in Mina fire (see 4/15) rises to 343. (NYT, WP 4/17)

SLA mbr. wounded in the 4/13 attack dies. (RL 4/16 in WNC 4/17)