Tuesday, February 11, 1997

At dusk, Israel begins releasing Palestinian female prisoners. The Victims of Terror group files another last-minute challenge with the High Court (see 2/9), forcing the Israeli authorities to recall some of the women, prompting the rest of them to say they would not go home until all were freed. All 31 women are released by midnight. (MM 2/11; NYT, WP, WT 2/12; JP 2/22)

French DM Charles Millon arrives in Israel for 2-day visit to discuss furthering bilateral defense relations, which began in 1993. (AFP 2/11 in WNC 2/13; MM 2/13; Les Echos [Paris] 2/17 in WNC 2/20; JP 2/22)

IDF continues forced transfer of Jahalin bedouin. 17 families remain at the old site. To date 150 bedouin have been transferred. (WP 2/12; NYT 2/18; JP 2/22) (see 1/27)

To avoid any reprisal attacks, Israeli defense officials tell Netanyahu that they would prefer the U.S. deport Hamas's Abu Marzuq to Jordan, rather than extradite him to Israel. (IDF Radio 2/11 in WNC 2/12; YA 2/12 in WNC 2/13) (see 2/2)

In response to Hizballah's 2/9 attack, Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombs Hizballah's radio station in Baalbek, PFLP-GC bases Beirut's suburbs and nr. the border with Syria (wounding 6). This is Israel's 1st major sortie outside the self-declared security zone since the 4/96 campaign. 3 PFLP-GC mbrs., 1 civilian are injured. (MM 2/11; AFP, QPAR, RL 2/11 in WNC 2/12; NYT, WP 2/12)

SLA expels Lebanese citizen fr. the Israeli self-declared security zone to n. Lebanon. (RL 2/11 in WNC 2/13) (see 12/23)