Saturday, August 24, 1996

Japanese FM Ikeda, Pres. Asad, signs bilateral economic agmt. under which Japan will give Syria a $9.6-m. grant toward energy projects. Ikeda leaves for Jordan. (RJ, RMC 8/24 in WNC 8/27; al-Ba`th 8/25 in WNC 10/11)

PSF mbrs. acting in Arafat's name ban sale of books by Arafat critic and fmr. top PLO mbr., Columbia University Prof. Edward W. Said. PA Information Min. orders books by Said confiscated fr. a Ramallah book shop to be returned but not sold. Police ignore the order. (NYT 8/25; MM 8/28; PR 8/30; JP 8/31)

Jordanian army withdraws fr. Karak; government begins releasing detainees taken into custody during the riots. (JT, al-Ra'i, RJ, RMC 8/24 in WNC 8/27; WP, WT 8/25; JT 8/25 in WNC 8/27; RMC 8/29 in WNC 8/30)