Tuesday, June 25, 1996

Secy. of State Christopher meets with Netanyahu. Then discusses with FM Levy a CIA report that says N. Korea recently has supplied Egypt with military equipment that could be used to build Scud-C surface-to-surface missiles. Egypt says it has only bought spare parts for earlier make of Scud. PA, Arab states are "not encouraged" by mtg., see Christopher as parroting Netanyahu, criticize him for not mentioning UN Res. 242. (QY, YA 6/25, JP 6/26 in FBIS 6/26; CSM, MM, WP, WT 6/26; SARR 6/26 in FBIS 6/27; Syria Times 6/26 in FBIS 7/1; MM 6/27; MEI 7/5; JP 7/6; WT 7/31)

PC mbr. `Abbas Zaki (F-Hebron) is detained at the Allenby Bridge crossing for 6 hrs.; IDF temporarily confiscates his passport, VIP card before allowing him to leave to attend a mtg. in Vietnam. (ITV 6/25 in FBIS 6/26; PR 7/5; NYT 8/15)

2-day PA-EU partnership and cooperation mtg. begins in Brussels. (Le Soir [Brussels] 6/26 in FBIS 6/28)

Outside the al-Khobar U.S. military barracks nr. Dahran, Saudi Arabia, truck bomb detonates, killing 23 Americans, wounding more than 100. No one claims responsibility. (MM 6/25; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/26, 6/27)