Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Amnon Shahak meets with Arafat at Erez checkpoint, gives him list of 13 wanted Hamas men, instructs the PA to break the movement's organization, warns IDF may not withdrawal fr. Hebron if action is not taken. Arafat says he has no intention of attacking Hamas leaders or institutions not linked to the armed wing. (MM 2/27; Davar, IDF Radio, QY 2/27, JP, QY 2/28 in FBIS 2/28; MM, NYT, WT 2/28; WP 2/29)

In Gaza, 2 more leaflets signed by Hamas's Qassam Brigades are issued, 1 claiming and 1 denying responsibility for the 2/25 bombings, increasing speculation that there is a split within the movement. (AFP, PBC, RMC 2/27 in FBIS 2/28) (see 2/25)

In a ceremony televised on Israeli networks, a conservative MK awards a plaque of gratitude to one of the settlers who shot, killed Palestinian-American 2/26. (NYT 2/28)

A Palestinian woman dies when the ambulance taking her to a hospital outside Gaza is delayed at Erez checkpoint for 5 hrs. (MM 3/20)

In Damascus, Pres. Asad, Iranian VP Hassan Habibi discuss boosting bilateral ties. Habibi expresses Iran's support for armed struggle against Israel by Palestinian rejectionist groups, incl. Hamas. (MM 2/27; Voice of Iran 2/27 in FBIS 2/27; RMC, SARR 2/27, SARR 2/28 in FBIS 2/28; WT 2/28; AFP, SARR 2/28 in FBIS 2/29; WT 4/25)

The Lebanese Cabinet passes decree outlawing gatherings and demonstrations "in order to prevent any acts that could disturb security and public safety." (RL 2/28 in FBIS 2/29)

U.S. extends its travel ban on Lebanon for 6 mos. Lebanese FM Faris Buwayz protests. (RL 2/27 in FBIS 2/28; WT 3/2)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah detonates a roadside bomb nr. an SLA patrol, killing 1 SLA mbr. (RL 2/27 in FBIS 2/28)