Wednesday, January 31, 1996

Election rerun is held without incident in 2 voting districts in North Gaza. (VOP 1/31 in FBIS 2/1; VOP 2/1 in FBIS 2/2) (see 1/24)

2d round of Syrian-Israeli talks closes in Maryland. (QY 1/31 in FBIS 1/31; ITV, SARR 1/31, QY 2/1 in FBIS 2/1; SARR 2/1 in FBIS 2/2; MM 2/1, 2/2; NYT 2/7; JP 2/10)

IDF appoints its 1st imam to provide religious services to Muslim soldiers stationed in n. Israel. (IL 1/31)

IDF closes off Ramallah to Israeli traffic after Palestinians throw stones at passing vehicles. (QY 1/31 in FBIS 1/31)

PSF launches manhunt for 2 men possibly affiliated with Abu Nidal who illegally entered Gaza with 1st 54 policemen allowed in fr. Egypt 1/30; 3d man is arrested immediately. IDF freezes entry of remaining policemen until issue is resolved. (VOP 1/30 in FBIS 1/31; HA 1/31, QY 2/1 in FBIS 2/1)