Thursday, September 7, 1995

Syria says it will accept Israel positioning tethered balloons containing early-warning gear in the Golan to monitor security arrangements following an agmt. Israel rejects the offer. (JP 9/8 in FBIS 9/8; HA 9/8 in FBIS 9/11)

In Aqaba, Israel, Jordan sign environmental cooperation agmt. (QY 9/7 in FBIS 9/8; JP 9/16)

Fatah Central Comm. mbr. 'Abbas Zaki takes up residence in the self-rule areas, says he supports the PA. He will oversee Fatah operations. (VOP 9/7 in FBIS 9/8) (see 6/2)

In Hebron, settlers break windows, burn Palestinian flag, paint anti-Arab slogans on new Islamic court building; some throw 4 Molotov cocktails out of cars at Palestinians. (AFP 9/7 in FBIS 9/7)