Sunday, October 1, 1995

UN opens its 50th session in New York. On sidelines of the mtgs, FM Peres with local rabbis; discusses settler issue, future amendments to PLO covenant. (QY 10/2 in FBIS 10/4)

Before leaving the U.S., PM Rabin tells reporters American Jews are not giving Israel sufficient financial assistance to help absorb immigrants, criticizes "fringe groups" which lobby Congress against official Israeli policy. (MM 10/3) (see 9/28)

On his return fr. the U.S., PM Rabin meets with Pres. Weizman to discuss presidential pardons for Palestinian women prisoners. (MM 10/3)

106 more Palestinian families arrive at detention camps on the Libyan-Egyptian border, joining 300 Palestinians awaiting their deportation. United Nations Human Rights Comm. calls on Libya to halt the expulsions. (MBC, MENA, VOP 10/1, MENA 10/2 in FBIS 10/2)

Likud submits bill calling for territorial continuity in the Jordan Valley fr. Beit She'an to the Dead Sea. (QY 10/1 in FBIS 10/2; MM 10/2)

In Nablus, Palestinian nationalist, Islamist personalities (incl. PA officials) hold conference, ratify a national honor charter to build civil society, avoid militarization of the society and national institutions. (PR 10/13)

100 settlers march across Israeli border into Jordan in protest of Oslo II, ask King Hussein prevent the enlargement of the Jericho enclave, show support for Likud bill submitted 10/1. IDF does not stop them. (QY 10/1, JP, QY 10/2, JT 10/3 in FBIS 10/3; CSM 10/2; WP, WT 10/3; JP 10/7; JP 10/24)

In New York, jury convicts Egyptian cleric Shaykh Omar `Abd al-Rahman, 9 others on 48 of 50 charges of conspiring to carry out a terrorist campaign of bombings, assassinations intended to destroy the , New York landmarks and force the U.S. to abandon its support of Israel, Egypt. (MENA 10/1 in FBIS 10/2; MM, NYT, WT 10/2)