Sunday, October 15, 1995

Shoval sends petition signed by 1000s of Israelis to Clinton, Congress. (QY 10/15 in FBIS 10/16) (see 10/11)

In 2d attack in s. Lebanon in 3 days, Hizballah detonates land mine as IDF patrol passes, killing 6 soldiers, seriously wounding 1. Israeli ships shell Hizballah targets, IDF reinforcements move in fr. n. Israel. (IDF Radio, ITV, QY, RL, SARR, VOL 10/15 in FBIS 10/16; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/16; QY 10/15 in FBIS 10/17; WT 10/17; MM, NYT 10/18; JP, WP 10/28)

In Iraq's national referendum, Saddam Hussein wins 99.96% of the vote. (NYT, WP 10/15; CSM 10/16, 10/17)