Sunday, June 25, 1995

Referring to the SLA as "Lahd's militia," PM Rabin accuses the SLA of creating problems for Israel by shelling Shi`ite villages in s. Lebanon, provoking Hizballah to respond by firing rockets at n. Israel. Coming before the resumption of negotiations with Syria, many see the statement as an offer to trade Syrian crackdown on Hizballah for Israel's dropping of the SLA. (MM 7/4)

Nr. Jneid prison, Nablus, IDF opens fire with live ammunition on 1000s of Palestinians rallying for release of prisoners, killing 2, wounding 50. In Gaza, an alleged Hamas mbr. detonates an explosive-laden cart nr. an IDF patrol, killing himself, injuring 3 soldiers. PA police arrest 50 Hamas mbrs., incl. leaders Mahmud Zahhar and Ahmad Bahar. Hamas denies responsibility. (CSM, MM, WP, WT 6/26; AFP, HA, QY 6/26 in FBIS 6/27; WP 6/27; MM 6/28; WJW 6/29; PR, WP 7/2; MEI 7/7)