Tuesday, July 18, 1995

Sharp differences emerge in PA-Israeli water talks. PA wants decision on water included in agmt. on transfer of authority. Israel is willing to discuss water distribution quotas only, says all other water issues must be set aside until final status talks. (QY 7/18 in FBIS 7/18; ITV, VOP 7/18 in FBIS 7/19; WT 7/19; CSM 7/20)

In Amman, 300 Jordanian, Palestinian-Israeli businessmen open 1st 3-day executive mtg. on reestablishing trade links, defining areas of cooperation. King Hussein, Crown Prince Hassan, FM Kabariti address opening banquet. (JT, JTV 7/19 in FBIS 7/20)

In Amman, Shas party head Arye Deri leads 24-mbr. delegation in talks on Jordan-Israel peace with King Hussein. (JTV 7/18, al-Hayat 7/19 in FBIS 7/19)

PA passes law restricting media coverage of "security issues," prohibiting reports that harm "national unity," requiring publishers to print retractions of any information contested by the PA. (HA 7/19 in FBIS 7/21; WT 7/20; PR 7/28)

Knesset swears in Yossi Beilin as M of Economy and Planning, Ehud Baraq as M of the Interior. (MM 7/17, 7/18; QY 7/18 in FBIS 7/19)

Israeli teenagers are found shot dead in the West Bank, nr. Wadi Kelt in 1st deadly attack since 4/9 bombing. PFLP takes responsibility. 10s of settlers block road outside PM Rabin's office, chanting "We want revenge!" (QY 7/18, MA 7/19 in FBIS 7/19; MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/19; AFP 7/20 in FBIS 7/21; PR 7/28)