Friday, July 28, 1995

In Tel Aviv, PA Planning M Shaath, Israeli Economics M Beilin agree to coordinate their economic planning activities, discuss plans for joining electricity grids. (MM 7/28; HA 7/30 in FBIS 7/31)

PM Rabin asks U.S. to turn over Hamas figure Abu Marzuq but concedes lack of evidence to prosecute him on fundraising, terrorism charges. U.S. doubts Israel will file formal extradition request because doing so would raise tensions in negotiations with PA. PA, Hamas denounce Abu Marzuq's detention. (QPAR 7/28, QPAR, QY, RMC 7/29, AFP, YA 7/30 in FBIS 7/31; NYT, WP, WT 7/29; MM, NYT, WP 7/31)