Tuesday, August 15, 1995

PA, Israel begin negotiations to flesh out details of 8/11 Oslo B agmt. (CSM 8/15)

Under political pressure, PM Rabin reverses 8/13 decision, calls MKs back fr. recess to debate Oslo B agmt. (MM 8/15)

PLO Exec. Comm. ratifies Oslo B agmt., closes 2-days of mtgs. (MBC 8/15, SA 8/16 in FBIS 8/16; MM 8/16)

In Tunis, Fatah Central Comm. meets to discuss peace process, internal Fatah matters; approves Oslo B agmt. by consensus, gives PA mandate to continue negotiations. (MM 8/15; MENA 8/15 in FBIS 8/16; MM 8/16)

FM Peres tells Ministerial Comm. on Jerusalem that Orient House visits by foreign dignitaries up to and incl. FMs are acceptable. PM Rabin gives Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert full approval to take immediate steps to halt illegal construction at Orient House. (QY 8/14, JP 8/15 in FBIS 8/15)

Settlers set up encampment nr. Green Line in West Bank. Israeli police, IDF try unsuccessfully to close off area. (JP 8/16 in FBIS 8/16)

IDF extends closure to 8/17. (ITV 8/15 in FBIS 8/16)

3,000 U.S. troops arrive in Jordan for 2-wk. military exercises meant as show of force to Saddam Hussein given recent Iraqi defections. (WP, WT 8/16) (see 8/10)