Wednesday, February 22, 1995

Israel-PA talks on elections close without progress in Cairo. PA negotiator Local Government M Saeb Erakat gives Israeli delegation 6 proposal papers on international supervision of elections. (IDF Radio, MENA 2/22 in FBIS 2/23; WP 2/23; JP 3/4; MEI 3/17)

PLO Executive Comm. mtg. closes without suspending talks with Israel. Arafat calls for emergency Arab summit, says PLO will send delegations to China, EU, Japan, Russia, U.S. in diplomatic effort to pressure Israel to set date for troop withdrawal, elections. Arafat begins by meeting with Pres. Mubarak, flying to Saudi Arabia to perform lesser hajj, coordinate with King Fahd. (MENA, VOP 2/22 in FBIS 2/22; MENA, VOP 2/22 in FBIS 2/23; CSM, FT, NYT 2/23; MEI 3/3; JP 3/4)

U.S. House Appropriations subcommittee increases Jordan's debt forgiveness fr. $99 m. to $149 m. for its support of peace process. (WT 2/23)

Clinton administration submits draft of FY 1996 budget, incl. $44.2 m. military, economic aid to Jordan. (JT 2/25 in FBIS 2/28)

PA Atty. Gen. Khalid al-Qidra says Palestinian security services are detaining 6 mbrs. of Abu Nidal Organization found in Gaza for "disturbing national security." (QY, VOP 2/22 in FBIS 2/23)

Israeli Labor Bureau says number of foreign workers replacing Palestinians in Israel has reached 70,695--860% more than last yr. PA estimates unemployment in Gaza to be 52%. (NYT, WT 2/22)

IDF says it will open 20 houses in Nablus that were sealed because of security offenses by owners. (QY 2/22 in FBIS 2/23)