Thursday, March 2, 1995

World Bank says its Holst Peace Fund for administration of Gaza, Jericho has run out of money because donor countries have failed to honor their pledges, criticizes donors for waiting for high-profile glamour projects rather than funding things of immediate necessity such as salaries. (NYT 3/13; WT 3/17)

In Gaza, Arafat, Israeli Police M Moshe Shahal meet to share security concerns (incl. release of Palestinian prisoners, crossing points, transportation), discuss cooperation on security matters. (AFP, QY 3/1 in FBIS 3/1; VOP 3/1 in FBIS 3/2)

Arafat, Israeli Dep. FM Beilin call for starting final status negotiations immediately. (WT 3/1; QY 3/1 in FBIS 3/1; HA 3/1 in FBIS 3/2; JP 3/11)