Monday, March 27, 1995

Syria's Amb. Mu`allim, Israeli Amb. Rabinovitch reopen negotiations in Washington without military advisors, focus on depth of demilitarization, with Syria still insisting demilitarized zone be on both sides of border. (al-Hayat 3/27 in FBIS 3/29; MM 3/30; MBC 3/30 in FBIS 3/31; MEI 3/31; JP 4/1; WJW 4/6)

King Hussein arrives in Washington, meets with Clinton on congressional decision to cut debt forgiveness, moving U.S. embassy in Israel. King then meets with House speaker Gingrich, Sen. Patrick Leahy fr. Senate Foreign Relations Comm. to discuss debt issue.  (RJ 3/27 in FBIS 3/27; RJ 3/28 in FBIS 3/29; MM 3/29; CSM, MEI 3/31; FT 4/4)

Arafat, Israeli Labor Secy. Gen. Nissim Zvilli meet in Jericho, discuss closure, Israeli security, economic problems, impediments to negotiations. (IDF Radio, VOP 3/27 in FBIS 3/28; MM 3/29)

Morocco opens liaison offices in Tel Aviv, Gaza, making it 3d Arab country to establish ties with Israel. (ITV 3/27 in FBIS 3/28; JP 4/8)

Jenin prison closes. All prisoners are transferred to jails inside Green Line. Move thought to anticipate Israeli withdrawal fr. Jenin as part of "Jenin 1st" proposal. (PR 3/26) (see 2/19)