Thursday, April 13, 1995

Rabin says he would accept a Palestinian state in Gaza if Palestinians would drop claims to rest of o.t.; PA Planning M Shaath rejects idea. Rabin also calls on Arafat to arrest all Palestinians who assist or incite anti-Israeli attacks, incl. religious leaders. (MM 4/13; JP 4/13 in FBIS 4/13; MM 4/20, 4/21)

IDF confiscates 4,080 Palestinian passports issued to West Bank, Jerusalem residents leaving to perform hajj; says passports are "a muscle-flexing move on the part of the PA, as it tries to show it has authority" in West Bank, only Palestinians fr. self-rule areas can have them. (QY 4/13 in FBIS 4/14; JP 4/29) (see 3/30)

Jordanian Interior Min. officials question Hamas spokesman Ibrahim Ghawshah about making "press statements against another state," following PA complaints 4/12. Government says Hamas mbrs. live in, but Hamas does not operate as a group fr. Jordan. (AFP, RMC, VOP 4/13 in FBIS 4/13; ITV 4/13 in FBIS 4/14)

Arafat orders closure of al-Hayat al-Jadid, which began publishing in Gaza 11/20/94, citing breech of loyalty agmt. reached with its owner Nabil `Amr, editor Hafiz Barghouti. (al-Ahali 4/13 in FBIS 4/20)

After Hamas-run al-Watan criticizes PA arrest of Hamas mbrs. following 4/9 bombings, PA police raid paper's Gaza offices, detain editors Sayyid Abu Musamih, Ghazi Hammad; release them hours later. (QY 4/13 in FBIS 4/14)

Israel puts curfew on Hebron, closes borders with Gaza, West Bank to prevent violence during, keep Palestinians out of Israel through Passover. (QY 4/12 in FBIS 4/12; MM, NYT 4/13; QY 4/13, 4/14 in FBIs 4/14; WT 4/14, 4/15)

Rabbi Ido Elba, spiritual leader of Kiryat Arba arrested in 8/94 in connection with Hebron massacre, is sentenced to 2 yrs for inciting racism for saying "thou shalt not kill" commandment does not apply to Jews killing non-Jews. (JP 4/22)