Thursday, December 29, 1994

Egypt's Mubarak, Syria's al-Asad, Saudi Arabia's King Fahd end 2-day summit in Alexandria, Egypt, endorse Syria's position in talks with Israel, say peace in Middle East must be based on UN resolutions, encourage united Arab stand on negotiations. Israel criticizes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, saying their support will allow Syria to harden stance, making negotiations more difficult. (AFP, IDF Radio, RE, RMC 12/28, AFP, MENA, QY 12/29 in FBIS 12/29; WT 12/29; MENA, RE, SARR, STV, VOL 12/29 in FBIS 12/30; CSM, WP 12/30; MENA, RJ, SARR 12/31, SARR 1/1 in FBIS 1/3; MM 1/3; MENA 1/3 in FBIS 1/4; MM 1/5; CSM, MEI 1/6; JP 1/7)