Saturday, September 24, 1994

Arafat chairs weekly PNA cabinet mtg. announces committee will be set up to draft tax laws; says PNA will begin administering, financing Awqaf dept. in October; notes recent positive discussions with Hamas, PFLP. (VOP 9/24 in FBIS 9/26)

MK `Abd-al-Wahhab Darawshah, MK Talab Al-Sani', mbrs. of Arab Democratic Party (ADP), announce they sent Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein a message expressing ADP's willingness to send Arab/Jewish delegation to Iraq to meet with him, discuss peace negotiations; say they will travel upon receipt of permission fr. Iraq, even if Israeli FMin. opposes visit. (Al-Dustur 9/24, Ma'ariv 9/25 in FBIS 9/26)

Israeli border police arrest 3 Palestinian policemen in Nablus for being in the area without permits. (QY 9/25 in FBIS 9/26)

Hamas issues leaflet ordering its fighters not to engage in battles with the Palestinian police. (AFP 9/25 in FBIS 9/26)