Tuesday, October 18, 1994

Arafat calls Jordanian-Israeli agmt. betrayal of Palestinian interest, "outrageous infringement" on DOP; expresses outrage that King Hussein did not confer with him. Syrian Pres. al-Asad warns leasing plan will not work for Golan. Other PNA, Fatah figures (e.g., Marwan Barghouti, Ilyas Frayj, Faisal Husseini, Rajub, Shaath) welcome agmt. (NYT, WP, WT 10/19; ITV 10/17, QY, RE 10/18, in FBIS 10/18; JP 10/29)

Syrian Pres. al-Asad condemns Jordan-Israel agmt., says it will not set precedent for Syrian-Israeli negotiations; leaves for Cairo to meet with Pres. Mubarak, discuss Jordanian-Israeli treaty, peace talks, Iraq. (MM 10/18; MENA 10/18 in FBIS 10/19; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/19; WJW 9/27)

Talks on elections resume in Cairo. Due to recent Hamas attacks, PNA says it will exclude those opposed to peace process from participating in elections, will allow Israelis to sit on election supervisory comm. (AFP 10/18 in FBIS 10/18; MENA 10/19 in FBIS 10/19)

Israeli-Jordanian talks resume in Aqaba to discuss final details of treaty; start outlining joint development projects (to be finalized within 9 mos.) (RJ 10/18 in FBIS 10/18)

Trilateral US-Jordan-Israel mtg. held to discuss aid, economic issues. (RJ 10/18 in FBIS 10/18)