Wednesday, June 15, 1994

Multilateral working group on economics meets in Rabat, Morocco.  5th session of group involves delegations fr. 46 countries.  (MAP 6/16 in FBIS 6/20)

Saudi Fund for Development, International Development Association sign memorandum of agreement to fund $30 m. in West Bank/Gaza Strip development projects.  Agreement is part of $67.5 m. allocated out of $100 m. Saudi grant to Palestinians.  (Saudi embassy release 6/16)

Vatican, Israel announce agreement signed 6/14 to establish full diplomatic relations, implementing 12/30/93 agreement.  Ambs. to be exchanged soon.  (MM 6/15; NYT, WP, WSJ, WT 6/16; JP 6/25)

Sens. Arlen Specter (R-PA), Richard Shelby (D-AL) set up "Middle East Peace Accord Monitoring Group" to track PLO compliance with 5/4 agreement with Israel.  (MM 6/16; Forward 6/17)