Wednesday, June 22, 1994

IDF wounds 7 Palestinians with rubber bullets during march in support of Palestinian prisoners at al-Najah National University in Nablus.  (Qol Yisra'el 6/22 in FBIS 6/22; WT 6/23)

PCSNV activists unseal house in Jabal Mukabir, East Jerusalem.  Israeli police arrest 4 family mbrs., reseal house, and start search for activists.  PCSNV claims 67 Palestinian homes reopened since 6/17; Israeli authorities say only 30.  (CSM 6/24; JP 7/2)

Jerusalem waqf appeals for international protest against Israeli road construction nr. al-Aqsa.  (MM 6/22)

Israeli Dep. FM Yossi Beilin issues proposal to eliminate Jewish Agency and WZO, end basing "Israel-diaspora relations primarily on charity."  (WT 6/23; WJW 7/7)

Pres. Clinton meets Jordan's King Hussein at White House, promises to seek Congressional approval for forgiving Jordan's $700 m. debt to U.S., says approval will depend on "visible manifestation of Jordan's commitment to peace."  (WP 6/23)

Amnesty International criticizes continued U.S. arms sales and provision of military training to 19 countries that abuse human rights, including Israel.  (WP 6/23)