Monday, August 1, 1994

PLO Chmn. Arafat says Israel has raised question of Jerusalem by including it in Washington Declaration with Jordan and demands negotiations on city's status.  Israel rejects Arafat's demand.  (CSM, NYT, WT 8/2)

King Hussein, in London, says he has received "several invitations" to visit Jerusalem, and that he will go there "sometime soon."  (WP 8/3)

Israel-PLO "early empowerment" talks resume in Cairo.  (Qol Yisra'el 8/1 in FBIS 8/2; MENA 8/2 in FBIS 8/3)

Israeli-Palestinian economic talks on implementation of economic agreement held in Jerusalem.  (Israeli Govt. Press Office release 8/2 in FBIS 8/3)

PNA signs agreements with UN, Japan for $4 m. in aid to be used in Gaza housing and sanitation projects.  (WT 8/3)

Syrian newspaper Tishrin rejects Israeli PM Rabin's call for gestures fr. Syria, saying "Israel is the party which should make goodwill gestures and take steps to show it really wants peace."  (WP 8/2)

State Dept. counterterrorism chief Barbara Bodine tells House FA Comm. Clinton admin. "Deeply concerned" over Hizballah penetration of Latin America, says response of regional govts. to U.S. warnings "inadequate."  (WT 8/2)

Lebanese Pres. Ilyas al-Hirawi, in speech on Army Day, praises Hizballah resistance to Israeli occupation of "security zone" as "legitimate," denounces Israeli "false allegation" of Lebanese responsibility for 7/18 Buenos Aires bombing.  (RL 8/1 in FBIS 8/1; WT 8/2)

Israel agrees to U.S. request to send non-military advisers to Haiti after deposition of current regime, but declines to send IDF troops for UN peacekeeping mission.  (NYT, WP, WT 8/2)